Oh, the struggles of being a leftie. You always bump elbows with the person next to you at the dinner table, you struggle with scissors and your hands are covered in smudged ink 99 per cent of the time.

Well, despite all your daily woes (and history thinking left-handed peeps are inferior), a new study reckons you’re actually smarter than your right-handed comrades in some areas.

Yep, a study by IFL Science looked at the connection between mathematical skill and being left-handed by putting 2,300 students in primary and secondary education through a series of math tests, including arithmetic and problem-solving.

The result? Left-handers out-performed their counterparts when it came to difficult problem-solving. For simple arithmetic, however, both groups had the same result.

Lefties are a rare bunch in the world – they only make up 10 per cent of the population. But combine this news with the fact that about a third of them have a more developed right side of the brain, it seems to be an impressive trait!

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