Each pregnancy is unique and every woman will have an experience that differs from all others, including how their body changes. After creating two beautiful kids and having my body go through two completely different pregnancies, you learn so much about your own body and how it adapts to everything that we put it through. Here are some truths that I’ve learnt about post-baby bodies.

Stretchmarks ARE inevitable
It doesn’t matter whether you’re big or small, stretchmarks can appear on anyone! Although you can try and prevent them with the countless stretch mark products out there, it is part of the process. Some argue that it comes down to genetics, but who really cares! I absolutely love when women refer to them as their tiger stripes because I believe they should be worn with pride! Your body has gone through an incredible process that not all women can do, so be proud of what you’ve done!

Superwoman strength
After you’ve had a baby, you’ll discover that you will not only develop incredible strength but also endurance when it comes to holding a baby and/or kids! You’ll start doing many of your everyday chores with one hand while carrying bubs around in the other – this includes buttering toast. My new motto is, “If you’ve got kids, you’ve got a gym”. Before having bubs you may not have last through the day if you didn’t get your 8 hours sleep, however when you become a mummy, you’ll find yourself being able to get everyday chores done with one hand while running on whatever sleep that you managed to get the night before. We may not feel like superwomen, but we are.

Bye bye perky boobies
I wouldn’t even consider my boobs to be boobs anymore. I’ve now realised that unless you have surgically enhanced breasts, they’re highly unlikely to sit where they used to after one let alone two kids. After I stopped breastfeeding, my boobs have turned into lifeless and saggy bags of skin that sway in the wind and if I jumped high enough, could probably hit me in the chin. LUCKILY I live in sports bras that can push all the excess skin into a nice shape that form deceptively, perky boobies. Mind you, I do spend a lot of time in front of the mirror holding them up to where they used to be.

Your body will never be the same again
There are so many ways that you can look after your body while you’re pregnant to help yourself recover more efficiently afterwards, but remember that it may do a few things differently. Although on the outside it may look like I am completely normal, I sweat A LOT, I need to brush my teeth more than 3 times a day and I leak ‘down there’ like there’s no tomorrow. How to help these? Carrying deodorant around with you, mouthwash and pelvic floor exercises. They will be 3 of the most important post pregnancy practices that you’ll find yourself using!

Ladies, the key thing to remember is that EVERY woman is DIFFERENT.

Cellulite, stretchmarks, incontinence, saggy bits, stitches, gorgeous womanly curves, big boobies, sweaty pits, incredible strength and hormonal acne are all part of this beautiful journey that we call pregnancy, and afterwards, motherhood. EMBRACE IT!

If you’re a mum and you’ve got a body, that’s your post-baby body and that is YOUR story.