Sydney gals, are you ready to transform your mind and body with 30 days of unlimited yoga classes (for just $40!?). Momentum Yoga is the home of yoga in the Hills District of Sydney – dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality, most authentic yoga experience – and they’re offering you an introductory offer you can’t refuse!

Their beautifully custom designed yoga studio features highly experienced and passionate teachers who continually focus on honing their craft and passing on their passion for various styles of yoga – basically? They know how to help you get your #sweat on – in various different styles. Not sure which style is for you? Listen up.


Ever wanted to try out warm yoga? Well, now’s the time. Trust us when we tell you – you need to go to at least a few classes before you give it a hard no. It takes a little getting used to, but, that post hot yoga glow? It’s REAL. Warm yoga classes at Momentum are set to a comfortable heat using infra-red heaters (sci-fi, right?), and sport benefits like enabling increased circulation, stimulating your lymphatic system and helping to detox your body.


This is a super dynamic, flowing style class which incorporates sun salutations, standing poses, twists, backbends, arm balances and inversions – yup, the whole hurrah. The movements link to breath, providing a moving meditation – boasting a resume of health benefits like building strength, flexibility, endurance, toning and mental focus.


Perfect for the beginner yogi through to advanced yoga practitioner, this is a passive and deeply relaxing practice tapping into and releasing the connective tissue throughout the body. Yin is the perfect way to unwind and practice stillness. Whether you’ve been living a busy lifestyle, stuck at your desk all day, or exhausted your body through physical activity, Yin yoga will relieve the daily tension. It’s a totally transformative practice for those who need to release tension and unwind. 


Want to home in on your yogi skills? Momentum provides bespoke classes, giving you individual attention and guidance to take your practice to a deeper level or develop the fundamentals of yoga for beginners. Whether you’re after a rigorous vinyasa flow class for a strong and toned body or a restorative stretch session to wash away the stresses of your day – Momentum will come to you (yup) and give you exactly what you need.


Hello, best idea ever – what stressed out Sydney work place doesn’t need this? Momentum’s talented team will come to your place of work or an outdoor location near you, and help you get your bendy on and drop your stress! Corporate yoga has been proven to reduce the risks and symptoms of stress, physical tension and burnout, promoting better sleep, stress management, increased productivity and focus as well as improved workplace morale. Step into your power and learn techniques to staying cool, calm and collected.

Pop in and visit them to build a strong, flexible body and mind – it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, everyone is welcome to join the fastest growing yoga community in Baulkham Hills. Three, two, one, zen!