Because sometimes the best workouts don't have any bells and whistles.

This sesh doesn’t require anything but you and a bit of motivation. There’s nothing fancy and no super-tricky moves. Just effective, simple exercises that will work your entire body (in just 20 minutes).

The squat is the king of leg exercises (or queen depending on what you prefer). Clasp your hands together in front of your chest to help you stay upright without hunching. Sit back as low as you can, squeezing your bottom as you push back to the top.

You’ve done enough squats, it’s time to drop down as low as you can and pulse.

Now you’ve got lunges. Allow your knee to touch the ground gently on each rep. Lean forward as you step back to target more bottom muscles.

After those alternating lunges, you’ve got jumping lunges. Your legs should be really feeling it now. Use your arms to steady yourself and keep your body upright

Now it’s time to work your upper body. Starting with push ups. If push ups on your toes are too challenging, find a ledge or chair to put your hands on. Keep your core crunched and a neutral spine.

Next up, shoulders. In a downward dog position, complete a push up with your weight evenly distributed between your hands and your toes. Keep your head tucked with your eyes gazing back at your toes.

Now you’ve got core exercises. Get yourself into a high plank position. Crunch your core and keep your bottom low as you jump your feet out and back in.

Stay in plank position and keep your core tight. Lift one hand off at a time stretching up to the sky on each rep. If this is a little too challenging, drop to your knees for this move.

Finally, work your arms with a tricep dip. Find yourself a ledge, bench or seat and position your arms so that your elbows point backwards. Make this move harder by keeping your legs straight or easier by bending your knees.

The workout

Beginners: Complete 15 reps of each move and a 30 second pulsing squat in a circuit. 3 rounds.

Intermediate: Complete 20 reps of each move and a 30 second pulsing squat in a circuit. 4 rounds.

Advanced: Complete 30 reps of each move and a 45 second pulsing squat in a circuit. 4 rounds.