If you like coffee, you're going to be happy with this news.

Coffee addicts rejoice, a new study from the University of Georgia, has found that the black nectar of the Gods could be helping us post-workout.

The study from The Journal of Pain found a link between caffeine and reduced post-workout muscle pain. While it has been well established that caffeine increases awareness and endurance, the latest study found that caffeine likely works to reduce muscle pain by blocking the body’s receptors to adenosine (the chemical released in response to inflammation).

The results could be particularly useful for newbie exercisers who experience greater DOMs than those who train regularly. Only female participants were included in the study and all of them were new to resistance training. The results showed that moderate doses of caffeine (roughly two skinny lattes) cut post-workout muscle pain by up to 48 per cent.

So does this mean hello cappuccinos and bye-bye to that post workout ‘I can’t lift my arms above my head’ feeling? Not quite. The study admits it will have to be replicated with a larger sample size, before any concrete conclusions can be proven.

In the meantime, keep your coffee consumption to below 300mg per day. Victor Maridakis, a researcher in the department of kinesiology at the UGA College of Education, reminds us that excess caffeine consumption can result in heart palpitations and sleeplessness (eek!). Oh, and stay hydrated!