The fitness game is changing, and changing fast. Women are driving a change in the fitness industry – they’re more often than not choosing how they train, when they train and who they train with. Specifically, the Millennial generation are driving a new demand for non-traditional gyms and are prepared to pay more for a workout that challenges them and works around their schedule. Introducing ZADI Training, a new premium female fitness movement catering to the growing demand in market for HIIT training.

ZADI is the first ‘franchise’ network to offer female specific HIIT and functional combination programs – it’s endorsed by exercise science, boasts innovative technology, sports smaller trainer to participant ratios and promotes targeted fitness.

Adala Bolto, ZADI co-founder, says: “I’ve always looked past the fads and stuck to good old-fashioned science-based solutions. I wanted long term results that are simple, effective, can be a part of my life without obsessing over the details. I don’t care much for physical competitions, I want to look and feel amazing, confident and strong, that’s why I eat healthy and exercise.”

All of these factors translated into how and why she co-founded Zadi, telling us: “the social aspect of being surrounded with likeminded strong, successful committed and resilient women has always driven me – I wanted to create a movement where women who are also driven by this environment can have a place to get stuff done, have fun, and get on with their amazing lives.”

So, before you sign up for your next workout, consider ZADI Training, a community of extraordinary, like-minded women:

Be challenged in an inspiring atmosphere

Millennials want to workout in an atmosphere that challenges them and helps them get healthy – traditional gyms don’t seem to be cutting as ‘motivating’ or ‘inspiring’ or making members feel ‘healthy’ or part of a ‘movement.’ ZADI Training is a boutique fitness concept for women in a hip, high energy, expansive warehouse style layout. The studio features a premium luxury space with high tech innovative technology and a raw, industrial feel. What more could we ask for?!

Be with a flexible timetable that suits your own schedule

Members can choose when they workout and there are no contracts to sign and rules to play. Simply sign-up for ‘one-week’ packages at a time So if you’re traveling, feeling crook or have a busy social calendar that week (not that there are any excuses for skipping a workout), then simply book for the following week.

Have access to bespoke, first-to-market technology

ZADI is working with THE international industry player in fitness technology. TechnoGym was the exclusive supplier of fitness equipment for the 2016 Rio Olympics and one of the biggest players on the global fitness scene. ZADI members will have access to:

  1. Built-in female targeted weight options with three levels of intensity recommended to suit all fitness levels,
  2. Bespoke video display to assist in safe and efficient session delivery, and large screens displaying workout video instructions and training, AND
  3. Personalised and tailored experiences for each member, catering for all fitness levels, will help guide and drive maximum results.

Be in a workout program designed exclusively with women in mind

“Our industry-renowned Exercise Scientist and expert Damien Kelly created our programs – specifically designed for women – which use the ‘FIIT’ principle and is the foundation of all effective results-driven fitness programs. Basically, it’s a scientific approach to programing,” Adala explains.

“ZADI has to always be challenging, ever-changing and help achieve long term results, driven to give our likeminded community of extraordinary women what they want,” says Adala.

So, what does FITT stand for?

Frequency: “Our unlimited class memberships plus our fresh workouts every day means that members can train 3-5 times a week and enjoy every minute,” says Adala.

Intensity: “This is where ZADI really stands out. Utilising the latest, real-time heart rate monitoring system this small-group training environment will ensure members will be training harder than ever before,” Adala explains.

Time: “The often-forgotten part of this rule,” Adala laughs, “Our shorter workouts have members dropping volume and training like a sprinter. Our longer sessions will provide a challenge in a whole different way – working members for longer to test endurance.”

Type: “Our guarantee to our members is that the ZADI training style has more variety and changes of workout styles than you would imagine possible. Nothing we do is boring because we get bored with repetition too!” Adala says.

From equipment selection, through to the latest innovative technology, to the hip look and feel of the studio atmosphere – the team at ZADI Training have created every component to ‘unleash the extraordinary’ in women, their brand ethos.