We all have arguements with our nearest and dearest from time to time. We’re not perfect and it’s healthy to challenge each other. Just like when you’re being annoyed at your work bestie for eating the last slice of office birthday cake, or you’ve been arguing with your mum because she put pressure on you AGAIN to get hitched and pop out grandkids.

With today, August 25th, being Kiss and Make Up Day, we reckon it’s time to literally kiss and make up. So, we recruited relationships counsellor, Amanda Lambros, from Curtin’s School of Occupational Therapy and Social Work, to put together five communication tips for coming back from a nasty tiff. And according to her, it’s just as simple as A, B, C, D, E.

  1. Accept – Accept responsibility for your actions and your actions only.”
  2. Breathe – Rather than jumping on the situation as it occurs, take the time to breathe, reflect and revisit the situation anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes later.  Taking three large and intended breaths is a good starting point to refocus on the situation.”
  3. Communicate – Make sure to openly, honestly and genuinely communicate with your partner (or the person you are wanting to kiss and make up with). Don’t assume or make judgements, just be open and honest.”
  4. Disconnect – Take the time to remove yourself from any distractions. It’s hard to have a serious conversation while watching The Bachelor hand out roses or while updating your status on Facebook. So make sure you’re free from distractions when communicating with someone after an argument.”
  5. Engage – Above everything else, make sure you listen and engage with your partner. Although it might become easy to talk, it’s often difficult to sit back and actively listen to what is being said – so make sure you allow the space to listen and engage with what is being said.”

Now, let’s all go back to being best of pals again!