If your best remedy for a break up or crappy day at work is to hit the gym hard, researchers say it might be time to think of a less emotionally charged alternative.

New research published in the journal Circulation has concluded that an intense gym session when you’re upset can triple your risk of heart attack.

Involving 12,500 people from 52 countries who’d had a heart attack, the study looked at their behaviour in the hour before the attack – like whether they’d exercised, and if they were angry or upset while doing it.

Researchers found that those whose emotions were running high had double the risk of a heart attack, the same as doing high intensity exercise.

Combine those two and the risk is tripled. Scary stuff.

Dr Andrew Smith of McMaster University in Canada said: “Both [exercise and extreme emotions] can raise blood pressure and heart rate, changing the flow of blood through blood vessels and reducing blood supply to the heart.”

“We would recommend that a person who is angry or upset who wants to exercise to blow off steam not go beyond their normal routine to extremes of activity.”

So remember, you can still go to the gym after a crappy day, but don’t go too hard with it.