Spring is just around the corner so we’re getting ready to shift those winter habits – like eating heavy comfort foods to warm us up. New seasons bring new habits and routines, so we asked successful health bloggers Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley of Hemsley + Hemsley how we should mix things up.

What ingredients do you love to cook with in spring?
“Spring is traditionally the time for activity, a fresh start, leaves on trees and plenty of new veg popping up! Radishes are new on the scene and make a table setting look fresh and modern set in a bowl next to a dish of butter and sea salt. Keep the leaves on! These veggies add so much colour to the plate, make a dish look impressive and have their own unique flavour and texture.

Can you share some easy tweaks people can make to clean up their diet?
“The obvious tweak is to ditch the junk food – but it gets difficult trying to distinguish one ‘health food’ from another! Too many processed foods are being marketed as ‘healthy’ simply because they are gluten-free or don’t contain refined sugar. Then it turns out they’re jam-packed with other refined ingredients and tonnes of natural sugars which if eaten in excess can also be problematic.

“It makes sense that real foods are key to health which means avoiding foods that have been processed in order to shout ‘low-fat’. Concentrate on eating real whole foods so there’s less room for prepared snacks and meals. And veggies should be the focus when you get in the kitchen. For this reason, we love quick and easy recipes which base meals on veggies rather than leaving them as the afterthought – swap out pasta for zucchini noodles to go with your ragu, get the grater out to make a quick cauliflower rice for your curry, or make stirfry with some prawns, ginger, spring onions, garlic and tamari for a quick evening meal.

“The other life hack for affordable, easy packed lunches has to be getting yourself a stainless-steel thermos. Then you can transport hot or cold homemade soups or stews to work. Base them on bone broth, pack them with veggies, and add some meat or lentils for a hot, filling meal that you don’t need to team with bread.

What healthy ingredients or dishes are you crushing on right now?
“Beetroot and feta cake, and our Choc Mud Fridge Tart. We did an event for the Steyning Festival – a beautiful town in Sussex where they cooked a two-course dinner from our book and the dessert was a chocolate buckwheat spiced tart. It’s the first time we had eaten it since we shot it for the book and the first time we’d tried it by another’s hands – we loved it and so did everyone else!

“We also love a slowcooker chicken curry, it’s a winner every time for both easy weekday meals and even entertaining. Just serve it up with some cauliflower rice and a bag of salad. Done.”

What ingredients would you like to see people using more of?
“Proper fats! For 70 years we’ve been living with the idea that real fat is bad for us. Keeping plenty of natural fats in our diets from quality sources like extra virgin olive oil, avocado, grass fed organic butter and ghee, coconut oil and egg yolks is key to feeling sustained and satisfied. Natural fats are good for you!”

To check out their spicy miso salmon recipe, check out the latest issue of Women’s Fitness.

Their cookbook Hemsley + Hemsley Good + Simple (Ebury Press, $49.99) is out now.

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