Just did a tough sesh? These post-workout recovery snacks will help you replenish the energy levels you’ve depleted, plus help your muscles recover. It also helps that these choices are delicious!

A scoop of peanut butter and dates
The fibre in the dates will keeps your blood sugar levels in check and your energy levels stable.

Fruit and nuts
A handful of pistachios and raisins have the perfect amount of protein, good fats and potassium.

Banana and nut butter
Bananas give a good energy boost and its potassium content wards off any muscle cramps. Adding it with some cashew, peanut or almond butter brings all the healthy fats!


Throw together a green smoothie or smoothie of your choice! We love this recipe:
Add to a blender:
One cup of almond milk or coconut water
Half a cup of frozen or fresh raspberries or blueberries
Half a frozen or fresh banana (frozen gives it a thicker, creamier texture)
A teaspoon of honey
A dash of cinnamon
A handful of almonds or hazelnuts
Half a scoop vanilla protein powder
Blend until smooth and serve in a glass or travel cup.

Yoghurt and fruit
Non-fat Greek yoghurt with fruit is not only super-yummy but nutritious too.

Protein bars

You can prep these protein bars the night before to stash in your gym bag.

Apple and cheese
Pair an apple (this fruit contains antioxidants and fibre) with a small bit of cheese for a sweet and salty taste!

Chocolate rosewater fudge balls

You had us at ‘chocolate’. Get the recipe here.

Tropical turmeric protein balls

If you fancy yourself more of a savoury, spicy kinda gal, these protein balls are right up your alley. With turmeric, gubinge, apricots and coconuts, the flavours pack an unexpected but delicious punch.