It’s a new year which means fresh motivation to conquer your health goals. Sure, there are a thousand diets and healthy eating plans to choose from – they work for some people and they don’t for others. But what we’ve never really understood is why.

Fitgenes Australia is now answering that question for you by giving you the knowledge you need to figure out what’s best for you and only you. They’ve created a personalised profile report called CarbChoice that looks into your genetics – particularly the way your AMY1 gene (a gene that produces an enzyme called ‘amylase’) metabolises starch from carbohydrates.

CarbChoice is also a great tool to use if you’ve got food sensitivities (gluten intolerance, celiac, diabetic, insulin resistant), are struggling to lose weight, or want to make the best dietary choices for yourself.

So, what does it all mean?
Starch is the most common carbohydrate. It’s found in grains, legumes, fruit, veggies and nuts – so you’re likely eating starch every single day. Amylase (found in our saliva) is the key player in how our bodies digest and metabolise this. By studying the AMY1 gene for each individual person, CarbChoice will tell you loads of useful and potentially life-changing things that will improve your fitness, weight and performance.

What will the results show?
They’ll determine how effectively you metabolise and tolerate both carbs and gluten, how many grams of carbohydrates you should eat daily, what type of carbohydrates you should avoid, and if carbs will put you at an increased risk of being overweight and having diabetes.

How is it tested?
To get tested is super simple. A buccal swab kit is sent out to you and all you gotta do is rub the swab against the inside of your cheek and underneath your lower and upper lip. Once you send back the DNA sample in a sealed tube, your results will be analysed and sent back to you. You’ll get a score between 1-20 – lower numbers mean you’re more intolerant to eating a lot of carbohydrates, with higher numbers meaning that you’re better adapted to a high starch diet. Along with your score and new personalised profile of your AMY1 gene, CarbChoice will offer you guidance on how you should proceed to better your health and weight management.

So if you’ve struggled in the past to see results of the hard work you put into training and diet, CarbChoice could change everything for you.

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