Are you someone who signs up for 20 fitness events a year and train for each and every one, or are you the kind of person who hates nothing more than putting on a sports bra?

Experts reckon that whatever camp you fall into, it could have something to do with your genetics. (So now you can blame your mum.)

Scientists from the University of Georgia presented the research at a recent American Physiological Society meeting, and we’ve gotta say, the results explain a lot (like why no matter how much you try to love burpees, you just never will).

Throughout the study, researchers looked at the exercise habits of 3,000 people and how their brains responded to the exercise. The people who had trouble sticking to a fitness plan (or just gave up on the whole idea) were found to have a genetic variation that affects how brain cells bind with dopamine (what makes you feel reward and pleasure).

Your bod is supposed to release dopamine after a sweat sesh (to make you feel accomplished), so that means that the peeps who didn’t feel that neuro response are wired to appreciate exercise less than their fitness-loving mates.

“Combined with personality measures, we think these genes may help explain why some people have a natural urge to be active, while others never do,” explained lead researcher Rodney Dishman, PhD, a professor of kinesiology at the University of Georgia.

So if you’re one of those that don’t get the feel-good vibes after working out, don’t take this as an excuse to ‘Netflix and couch’ all day every day. Exercise is still important – even if you hate it!

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