Let’s be real – it’s been a crazy year. Trump, Prince, Bowie… We are so ready for 2017. As we prepare to bid 2016 adieu, let’s take a look at the weird and wonderful stuff Aussies have been searching this year. (Warning: after reading some of these top searches, you’ll probs wanna give yourself a forehead slap.)

Overall trending searches

  1. US election
  2. Olympics
  3. Census
  4. Euro 2016
  5. Australian Open 2016
  6. Pokemon GO
  7. Donald Trump
  8. iPhone 7
  9. David Bowie
  10. Prince

Calories (most searched)

  1. Kilojoules to calories
  2. How many calories per day
  3. How many calories in a banana
  4. Calories in chicken breast
  5. Calories in blueberries
  6. Calories in grapes
  7. Calories in apple
  8. Calories in strawberries
  9. Calories in carrot
  10. Calories in avocado

Recipes (most searched)

  1. Pancakes
  2. Carbonara
  3. Banana bread
  4. Scones
  5. Hummus
  6. Cheesecake
  7. Quiche
  8. Chocolate mousse
  9. Crepes
  10. Brownies

What is (most searched)

  1. What is my IP address
  2. What is a plebiscite
  3. What is Pokemon Go
  4. What is the weather today
  5. What is the time
  6. What is all purpose flour
  7. What is love
  8. What is Brexit
  9. What is gluten
  10. What is the meaning of life

Whoah, getting deep here, guys.

How to (most searched)

  1. How to tie a tie
  2. How to screenshot on mac
  3. How to make pancakes
  4. How to play Pokemon GO
  5. How to draw
  6. How to write a cover letter
  7. How to get rid of pimples
  8. How to download from YouTube
  9. How to lose weight fast
  10. How to write a resume

Why is (most searched)

  1. Why is there a leap day
  2. Why is the sky blue
  3. Why is my internet so slow
  4. Why is my poop green
  5. Why is my computer so slow
  6. Why is Australia in Eurovision
  7. Why is the ocean salty
  8. Why is biodiversity important
  9. Why is my period late
  10. Why is my eye twitching

Number 6 is a fair call. We are VERY far from Europe.

Where is (most searched)

  1. Where is NSW
  2. Where is Brussels
  3. Where is my phone
  4. Where is Bora Bora
  5. Where is Rio
  6. Where is Home and Away filmed
  7. Where is Malta
  8. Where is the Great Barrier Reef
  9. Where is Perth
  10. Where is Mount Everest

Let’s remember that this list is Aussies doing the searching. If you don’t know where NSW is, that may be a bigger issue!