Gala Darling is an author, teacher and speaker from New Zealand and no, she wasn’t born with that amazing name (it came to her in a dream and she changed it in 2006). After overcoming depression, Darling devoted herself to helping other women discover self-acceptance and life-changing, radical self-love. Darling describes after discovering the “bad-assery of happiness” she wanted other women to know the magic too.

We chatted to Darling for five minutes and she gave us a rundown of who she is, what the future holds and what we can learn from other successful women.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with who you are, how would you describe yourself in one sentence?
I’m a writer who is obsessed with radical self love, magic, and living my best life!

What’s your advice for women who want to take a leap and choose their own adventure?
Start with appreciating what you already have. Recognising your blessings is one of the fastest ways to turn your life around. Then do some research on the women who have done what you’ve always wanted to do. Success leaves clues — you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

Your book, Radical Self Love, is a source of beauteous, empowering magic. Tell us about how it eventuated?
When I was 22 years old, I overcame depression and an eating disorder, and I had a totally new perspective on life. Ever since, I’ve been researching how we can become happier and more authentic, and sharing my discoveries online. My book is the culmination of everything I’ve been writing about for the last ten years. I’m so proud of it and couldn’t be more thrilled that it is helping women change their lives.

We would describe you as a champion for women, why do you think strong, female role models are important?
When we see other women flourishing, we see that it’s possible for us too! The more examples we see of women who are kicking ass, the more real it becomes.

If you were an animal, what would you be?
Unicorn, for sure!

What does 2016 and beyond hold for you? Or is it completely up to chance?
Lots of love, lots of travel, lots of adventures. I have plans and I thrive on goals and lists, but I am always open to the miraculous little detours life throws at me…


Purchase Gala Darling’s book, Radical Self Love, online here.