Tights are on, ankles are taped, shoelaces are tied (overs and unders – bunny loops are for amateurs), and I’m ready for my first Miss Muddy mud session. I’ve opted for the beautiful bushland-and-seascape 10km track from Spit Bridge to Manly Wharf – which is actually breathtaking enough in itself without throwing a heart-rate-increasing run into the mix, but I’m always up for a challenge.

I set off, whizzing down the rock stairs, zipping around the muddy tree-root encrusted path, and weaving my way through the lush greenery of ferns, trees and crazy beautiful flowers. And that took a whole six steps before a scaly reptile slithered out in front of me, and disappeared over the other side of the track.

WHAT. THE. $@*#. I completely froze (would have given Elsa a run for her money). Every other thought or first-aid course memory completely disappeared from my mind. They change the rules so often I couldn’t remember whether you cut off blood supply to the limb, suck the venom out, or bandage up and down. I panicked thinking about this for a good few minutes before realising I didn’t actually pack a bandage, first-aid kit or any trusty snake repellent.

Great. I was two blogs in and Girl on the Go was about to become Girl in the Ground.

I managed to snap out of it and put one foot in front of the other, and then I was off. I have never run so fast in my life (just call me Usain). Then, again without warning, another two slimy reptiles slithered out onto the path and stopped. Two pairs of eyes stared back at me. Two snakes. Each with ridiculously colourful scales. Each with four legs. As in FOUR LEGS. WHAT KIND OF SNAKE HAS FOUR LEGS!?

Okay, it was just a lizard. As the relief washed over me, and the embarrassment set in, I choked back tears of happiness and set off on my mud session, vowing to pack a first-aid kit every time I leave home from now on.

The rest of the trail was relatively uneventful (so in my book, successful), with only a few minor cuts, twinges and allergic reactions from the shrubbery. Win.

Women's Fitness

For my second mud session this week, I opted for something less environmentally congested, less muddy, but still green. And outdoors. Perfectly manicured rooftop tennis court, come at me. It was a tough full-body session, made even tougher by the rain. By the end of it I was sweaty, I was soaked, I was sore, but I was as happy as Larry.

For those of you who feel the urge to try this week’s no-equipment, no-fuss mud session, I’ve added it below.

Make sure you stretch and drink plenty of water! Feel free to report back.

Happy sweating,

Becky B

Women's Fitness

Tears shed: 14
Hours of training: 2.5
Band-Aids used: 2
Hours spent procrastinating (dreaming of Thor) instead of training: 2
Days till event: 15

GOTG Mud Session 1

Time: 40mins

Warm-up: 5mins – 60secs of each exercise:
– Jog up and down your workout space
– Switch to high knees
– Bum kicks
– Side-to-side shuffle – make sure you alternate sides
– Walking lunges with arm circles

Circuit: 30 mins – 50 secs on/10 secs rest (or regress to 40 secs on/20 secs rest)
– Chest to floor burpee + 2 squat jumps
– 8 mountain climbers + 2 push ups
– High knees – aim for 100 (50 e/s)
– Leap frog (start in squat position, with your bottom lower than 90 degrees, then propel yourself forward and jump as far as you can)
– Commandos
– V Sit (right leg, left leg, both legs)
– 60secs rest

Repeat x 4

Cool-down: 5mins
– 30secs walk
– 30secs slow roll-down to touch toes
– 30secs roll-up back to standing
– Stretch quads, glutes, back, shoulders, arms and whatever else feels tight.