There are only 14 days until the jolly fat man squeezes into chimneys all around the world and I’m THAT excited I could burst. I’ve had Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas’ treating my ears all week – although my sing-along rendition hasn’t impressed my neighbours or colleagues as much as I’d hoped. I don’t quite have her vocal range, mine being likened to that of a dying cat (#hatersgonnahate). But that hasn’t deterred me from my mission of preparing for Spartan next year.

This week was all about setting goals and putting together a plan to make sure I reach them. My main goal is to achieve ‘Warrior Goddess’ status by February 27, 2016. I don’t just want to get through Spartan – I want to dominate (okay, so my competitive side is starting to seep through). I want to get my Xena on, tackle every single obstacle, and then place in the infamous 300 finale. To achieve this main goal I’ve broken it down into several mini (short-term) goals.

The first mini goal is to establish my squad – individual sports have always freaked me out (thanks to my ‘rents, who put me into every team sporting code there ever was). Plus, having a team around you comes with so many benefits:

  • Strength. As you saw from the Miss Muddy video, teamwork is essential when it comes to getting through an obstacle course. If you can’t jump or lift your own bodyweight, having someone to step on/lift you up can mean the difference between reaching the finish line or the First Aid tent.
  • Motivation. When times get tough, you’re beyond exhausted and you have a pit of mud, sweat and blood ahead of you, you’ll need someone to encourage you (or push you in).
  • Fun. This is clearly the most important. Laughs will get you through. Having someone to laugh with (or at) when you stack it face-first into someone else’s bum will turn an awkward situation into a hilariously awkward one.

After carefully considering every single person I’ve ever known or met in my lifetime, and with Ez (my Miss Muddy mate) busy that weekend, I narrowed it down to a divine few. Using my Girl on the Go warrior powers of persuasion (okay, so I may have stalked and begged), I have assembled the team of all teams. The crème de la crème.

Introducing the Awesome Foursome (obvs I’m included)…

  • Bec Chambers – established Warrior Goddess, all-round legend and day maker. She squats 120kg in her spare time and eats doughnuts (and concrete) for breakfast.
  • Nick Cheadle – as in THE Nick Cheadle Fitness. He’s an inspirational personal trainer who secretly loves chick flicks and mini peanut butter cups (the secret to his marble six-pack). He’s also an experienced steering wheel drummer.
  • Jason Fleming – Australian Institute of Fitness Lead Coach and personal trainer. His stellar sporting record knows no boundaries (nor do his calves), and he’s more chilled than Santa’s reindeer in an ice bath.

Squad. On. Point. Out of all the coat-tails in the world to ride, I’m pretty chuffed with these ones. They form the perfect combination of muscular strength, support and hilarity.

We’ve chosen to support Alzheimer’s Australia in the lead-up to Spartan, as it holds a very special place in our hearts. We sometimes take for granted the fact we can actually do an event like Spartan, go for a run, or even take a leisurely stroll. Having seen first-hand what it’s like for someone to go from competing in marathons, triathlons and rugby on a world stage, to struggling to remember how to put one foot in front of the other, we’re dedicating our completion of this event to all those who no longer physically can. So please help us, dig deep and donate now. Every little bit counts.

That’s it from me this week. I’m off to deck the halls with boughs of holly (although it’s apparently not in season), and cook some delicious – and healthy – holiday chocolate balls. I’ll share the recipe with you next week, but for now I’ve included my ‘Squeeze-into-the-chimney’ inspired workout (it’s Santa’s fave) below.

Becky B

Squeeze-into-the-chimney Sprints:

Find a set of at least 10 stairs (20 or more would be ideal) then complete the following exercises consecutively (after warming up first):

1 x sprint up and down the set
21 x frog squats
21 x push-ups
21 x leg lowers

2 x sprint up and down the set
15 x frog squats
15 x push-ups
15 x leg lowers

3 x sprint up and down the set
9 x frog squats
9 x push-ups
9 x leg lowers

1 x sprint up the set

Cool down and stretch!!!