As I walked through the gates for the first time, my stomach started to attempt the triple-backflip-double-somersault-dismount. No pre-adventure-event-nerves had ever compared to this moment. It was the start of an entirely new chapter.

As I brushed the frost off my nose, the water vapour from my breath condensed into tiny liquid glaciers. I felt like Kate Winslet in the Titanic. Minus Leonardo, the Atlantic Ocean – oh, and the blue diamond (minor detail). Ok, so maybe I wasn’t quite on the ship of dreams – maybe I was in Canberra.

I was completely out of my comfort zone but ridiculously excited by the thought that I was potentially about to live my dream. I had just set foot into the Australian Institute of Sport.


Ok, so maybe this doesn’t excite everyone. But for me – a girl who grew up in a competitive family obsessing over soccer and sport; who was determined to always out-sprint her brother and prove to the world that there was no gender divide; for me – this was EPIC.

And my goodness, did it not disappoint. Sinking my teeth into a project to improve the future for female athletes in Australia, had me at ‘hello’. If you’re not inspired to get active in a place like this, then I don’t think you ever will be. My first day had me like…

Starting from next week, I’m going to annoy a bunch of coaches and try as many elite sports as possible, and if I make it through without my lack of hand-eye coordination getting in the way, I’ll report back with any new styles of training or trends. Make sure you’re mixing it up too! Whatever your goals, challenging your mind and body with something different will only help you.

If you need something to work towards, my first ever event, Miss Muddy, is coming to Canberra in February 2017 and obvs, I’ve already registered. I’m THAT excited I could burst!

I’ve registered a team – GIRLS ON THE GO – and I’ll be running FREE group training sessions in Canberra for anyone who joins, starting this October.

That’s Miss Muddy Canberra – GIRLS ON THE GO – 11am wave.

I’ve included a sneak peak of what you’ll be in for, below.

Do it – you know you want to!

Becky Bergman
Girl on the Go

Ice-Breaker HIIT

After warming up, complete the following exercises, and corresponding reps, consecutively:

Begin with 20 reps (round 1), then 16 reps (round 2), then 12 reps (round 3), then 8 reps (round 4) and finish with 4 (round 5). If you still want more, start again from 4 reps, and work your way up to 20.

Squat jumps
Push ups (knees)
Step ups (each side)

20 skips between each round (if you don’t have a skipping rope, improvise!)

Cool down and stretch.