Sometimes easing back into the swing of things just isn’t an option. One minute you’re floating in a pool on an inflatable swan (#basicbitch), and the next you’re back at your desk responding to 2,380 emails, 642 phone calls and 0 texts (because all your friends are also busy at work, or so they say).

I started my holiday break with the best of intentions – I found a bunch of healthy recipes, packed my gym gear for trips away and vowed to choose the healthier option every time.

I lasted a whole three hours before I gave way to temptation, opening up the door for two whole weeks of chocolate, nibblies, ice cream and copious amounts of seafood (which is fine – just not when your serving size could feed a small country). The holiday break had me like…


But if this sounds all too familiar and you’re suddenly struggling to fit into your pre-holiday jeans/patent leather dress, just hakuna your tatas. If Miley Cyrus can weasel her way back into Liam Hemsworth’s life, truly anything is possible.

If your goal is to be fitter and healthier, then 2016 is your year. There is so much out there and there are so many exciting fitness trends popping up all over the place. Settling into a routine will definitely help to get you started. Whether you’re an early riser or love a sleep in, figure out what works for you and run with it. Set a time for exercise like you would a date. It’s not as silly as it sounds, I promise. Think of a time where you’ve been so excited in anticipation for a date. Now think of how happy you felt after said date was amazing. Now, imagine feeling those butterflies and endorphins all over again – without having to dress up, make small talk, or be on your best (and most witty) behaviour.

By doing something you enjoy, whether it’s an epic dance battle in the living room with your best friends, boot camp, weight training, HIIT, running or adventure racing, if you find an activity you love not only will it not feel like a chore, but you’ll also experience that rush of endorphins every time.

Or if you’re like me and are motivated to exercise but tend to overindulge on the naughty-food front, then all I can really offer is moral support. I feel ya. I do find, though, that eating regularly and having a serving of protein with every meal helps me feel fuller for longer, and curbs the sugar cravings. Make sure you also include carbs! Low GI foods such as brown rice and sweet potato will release energy slowly, helping you feel more alert and energised throughout the day.

And I’m going to need all the energy I can get. As of next week our Spartan training program begins. Think bush runs, sand dunes and wife carrying. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I’ve included a delightful HIIT session below to help shed any extra holiday kilos.

Until next week!

Becky B
Girl on the Go


After warming up, find a road/park/cross trainer/sand dune and complete the following for 10 consecutive minutes:

  • 30 secs run/sprint (80-90% PRE)
  • 30 secs walk