Feeling confident about your body doesn't necessarily come naturally to many of us but changing your perspective can be as simple as thinking more positively.

More than likely, at some point in your life you’ve experienced a moment (or ten) when you’ve felt less than positive about yourself. It’s only normal to criticize your hair, or arms or thighs, right? Maybe not. There’s a fine line between striving for improvement and never being satisfied with what you have. According to human behaviour specialist, Dr. John Martini, judging ourselves so scathingly can lead to poor mental health and low self-esteem.

Being more body positive doesn’t happen overnight but there are some tweaks you can make to your thoughts than can make a big change in the long term and result in a more positive (and healthy) you.

1. Stop the comparisons.
After all, trying to be somebody who you are not is self-defeating. “Comparing yourself to others can create an internal conflict, a moral dilemma between what you are striving for based on your own highest values and what you think you should be doing according to the values of those people that you admire,” says Dr. Martini.

2. Focus on the things you love
The next time you look in the mirror, fight the urge to focus on your flaws and point out one thing about you that you love, and focus on that. Maybe it’s your eyes, maybe you have killer legs or you’re proud of toned arms that you worked hard for. By focusing on a characteristic you like you won’t be tempted to point out what you perceive to be flaws.

3. Being you is unique (and beautiful)
The best thing about being you is nobody else is exactly like you. You possess a unique combination of features that can’t be imitated– and that’s a beautiful thing.

4. Move your body
The connection between physical activity and mental wellbeing is unquestionable. As an extension of this, getting your sweat on can help to build a more positive self-image.

5. Appreciate all that you are capable of
Your body literally never stops working for you. From running to jumping, it is truly an amazing thing. Next time you go to criticize yourself think of something you have achieved lately, something that your body is capable of that makes it awesome.

6. Remember what beauty is
Looking good on the outside is great but a beautiful mind is something to be treasured. Being kind, generous and tolerant are traits that outweigh physical beauty.

7. Take time to look after yourself
Book a massage, take a bubble bath, give yourself an at home facial, go for a long walk or take some time out to meditate. It’s difficult to feel bad about a body that you take good care of.