While those yoga-loving, shoeless, kombucha-drinking goddesses on social media make getting calm and totally zen look so easy, for some of us, getting in touch with our spiritual side isn’t an easy or particularly comfortable task. Connecting with our spirituality doesn’t necessarily have to be involve religion but can be about finding a sense of personal, inner peace. If your idea of feeling spiritual is nodding off on the couch during a Netflix marathon then we’ve got some tips for you.

Getting in touch with your inner spiritual gangster doesn’t have to involve hours of meditation and hot yoga. In fact, follow our advice and you’ll be feeling slightly more transcendent and a lot calmer in just 24 hours.

Do a yoga sequence

This doesn’t mean dropping into up-dog in the middle of your local café (though that might be fun) but taking five minutes in the morning or afternoon to close your eyes and drift away. Getting some asana-fuelled release is a good feeling.

Try this sequence:

Forward fold (rag doll)

Cow pose

Downward-facing dog


Head to knee

Get outdoors

Getting your shoes off and feeling the earth underneath your feet is thought to be a natural way to release “bad vibes”, through the transfer of electrons from our bodies to the earth. We understand that whipping your shoes off and finding a patch of grass probably isn’t a realistic expectation for many of you but the act of being in the outdoors remains a fantastic way to feel calmer.

Harvard Medical School research confirmed that the outdoors is good for our health (and productivity) so make taking a break a priority. Simply spending 30 minutes outside allows us to relax, recharge and return to work with a less cluttered mind.

Inspire yourself

The idea of positive affirmations might sound like something from an out-dated self-help book but experts swear by them for a healthy and happy mind. An affirmation isn’t something fancy it’s simply a method of positive self-talk. Coaches and sportspeople have used it to improve performance for many years and these internalised words also have benefits for our everyday lives by raising feel-good hormones.

Choose an affirmation that isn’t too long. Repeat the phrase in your head whenever your mind is idle and try to be as relaxed as possible by controlling your inhale and exhale while paying full attention to the words in your mind.

Not sure what to say? Try, “my body is healthy, my mind is brilliant, my soul is tranquil”.

Show some kindness

Getting caught up in your own head or fixated on a particularly stressful task during the working week can sap your energy. Studies have shown that simply by smiling, you can benefit from immediate feelings of happiness and lowered stress levels. Even a forced smile will do. Better yet, do something kind for a colleague, smile at a passer-by on the street or give somebody your seat on your bus ride home. These acts of kindness are bound to trigger those internal, good feelings.