You’ve been given the greatest gift in the world – your baby! Now after the post-birth endorphin high has worn off and reality sinks in that you need to leave the house at some point instead of ogling at your greatest creation, you’ll need that little nudge to get out and exercise.

Well, these Bugaboo strollers are exactly what you (and your baby) need!

Obviously, every birth is different and will dictate how soon you can exercise – so be sure to get the all-clear from the doc first. So take a look at these strollers; they can help all mums with any kind of lifestyle get back on track after giving birth.

For the runners
If you’re itching to get back out and start pounding the pavement like you used to, the Bugaboo Runner will be your go-to. Once you get the runner base, you can click in any Bugaboo stroller seat and get going straight away. Plus, the handlebar brake means you have total control over the speed.

And we’ve got some new mums who can vouch for it! The recent City2Surf on August 14 was full of mums in the WF x Bugaboo Mums on the Move team who took on the 14km course with their Bugaboo Runners – and they loved every second of it! The team helped raise much-needed funds for an important cause: post-natal depression, with proceeds going to Beyond Blue.

Bugaboo runner

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For the socialites
Are you a gal who loves to shop and get about town? Don’t let being a new mum stop you! Bugaboo Bee3 was made for walking to mother’s group in the park, taking a trip to the shops with your bestie, or just going about your normal day-to-day routine – with your baby along for the ride, of course! Plus, its single-handed steering makes it super easy to walk and push while sipping on a cold-pressed juice.

bugaboo bee3. Yellow

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For the adventurers
If you’re a nature lover who always wants to explore, you still can with your bub in tow. The Bugaboo Buffalo can handle any type of terrain you want to venture out to and still make it a smooth ride for the little one. There’s plenty of room in the stroller for your bub to grow from newborn to toddler, and there’s an underseat basket for your trail-blazing essentials. With four large wheels, a rain cover and extendable sun canopy, there’s no excuse for you not to go hiking off-road right this second!

Bugaboo Buffalo. Royal Blue

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For the busy mums
Whether you’re a new mum for the second time or have baby no.2 on the way, the Bugaboo Donkey is adaptable and convertible for any size family you have. This stroller grows with your family – in three easy clicks, it can go from a mono to a duo stroller! While it might seem daunting to head out solo with your two bubs, the Bugaboo Donkey is so easy to manage, you’ll be making any excuse to leave the house.

Bugaboo Donkey. Red

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For the travellers
City, beach, country – wherever you live, the Bugaboo Camleon3 will be right there alongside you to spur you on to take that extra mile. This stroller is SUPER versatile; you can reverse the handlebar to put the big wheels forward, making it perfectly adaptable for any type of terrain you want to conquer. So wherever you are, you won’t be afraid to take your newborn out with you!

Bugaboo Cameleon3 Orange

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