Season 6 is here and winter is upon us.

Game of Thrones is finally back and we are more than happy to wave good bye to ten hours of our lives over the next three months as we watch every single episode. If GoT is throwing off your workout schedule then worry not! We’ve put together the perfect at-home workout that won’t take away from the action on-screen. Plus, you’ll finish the ep and have finished a workout too.

Any time somebody draws a sword

20 low squat jumps

Keep your bottom as low to the ground as possible.

Whenever we see a white walker, giant or wildling

30 mountain climbers

Control each step and get your toe as close to your elbow as you can.

Whenever Ramsay kills somebody

10 push-ups with front salute

Place your hands on a chair or drop to your knees for an easier modification.

Any time the Red Woman removes her necklace

20 single leg tricep dips

That’s 10 each side. Take it slow and bend your grounded leg for more stability.

Every time someone says “Your Grace”

30 jumping lunge to squat

That’s 15 lunges each side and 15 squats total.

Any time Tyrion cracks a one-liner

30 second plank hold

Whenever a dragon breathes fire

10 marching burpees

Whenever there is a battle

20 pulse lunge and kicks

That means 10 each side.

Don’t watch Game of Thrones? No problem. Try this.

20 low squat jumps

30 mountain climbers

10 push-up front salutes

20 twisting toe taps

30 jumping lunges

40 second plank hold

10 marching burpees

3 rounds (as little rest as possible)