You’d be silly to think that our May cover babe, Brooke Hogan, is just a pretty face. Living a nomadic (and fast-paced) lifestyle, launching her own clothing brand with her brother, modelling for brands like Lorna Jane and Myer and repping fit women at Nike’s NRC training events, Hogan knows how to multitask, that’s for sure. We spoke to her about staying fit, her ideas about balance and her advice to women on leading a healthy (and happy) lifestyle.

What’s your favourite setting for a workout?

Anywhere outdoors!

Your very least favourite move?

I’m going to have to go with burpees. I have tried to teach myself to love them but I just can’t (I’m sure I’m not alone here).

Describe your perfect Saturday brunch?

Smashed avo on some yummy seeded toast.

The best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

There has been a lot but I love ‘Treat others the way you’d like to be treated’.

What’s your mantra for less than perfect days?

Everybody has them, and they’re completely normal! If I’m having a bad day and can’t be bothered doing some exercise I try and tell myself how lucky I am that I am able to, if I want to. Some people don’t even have that option & that I should be so grateful that I’m fit and healthy. A little self pep talk aways does the trick!

Chocolate or pizza?

Chocolate pizza.

Your advice to women trying to achieve a goal?

You need to be consistent. Working out and eating healthy for two days in a row won’t give you the body of your dreams, you need to keep at it and be dedicated.

My biggest tip would be don’t starve yourself. It is so common and it makes me so sad. I get emails and messages from girls asking “Do you eat? Do you eat chocolate? Do you ever eat carbs?” and the answer is, yes, of course I do! Regular exercise and a nice healthy diet is what you need to be fit and healthy. In my opinion, everything in moderation is fine…. Treat yourself but be smart about it.

Who is your favourite person in the world?

My mum

How do you unwind after a particularly busy week?

A delicious, home cooked, healthy dinner with my boyfriend, accompanied with a nice glass of champagne or red wine, a spa or a movie and an early night.