Forging a fitness routine can be difficult initially but once it sticks, the rewards are endless. While you’re sweating it out to achieve your fitness goals though, there could be some habits you’ve developed that could stall your progress – ain’t nobody got time for that!

You never take a day off

When you get on a roll and chalk up a few exercise sessions in a row, it can make you feel like a seriously motivated human. We don’t want to throw you off, but too much of a good thing is not a good thing (like that time we ate a whole tray of brownies). Studies have shown that exercising every day of the week, without downtime, can be detrimental. When muscle fibres are given the opportunity to repair (through rest), the fibres not only multiply but also fuse together in stronger bonds. This means that getting some R&R can actually be the key to becoming stronger. Take this as your permission to have a day (or two) off in the name of growth and repair.

You’re in a workout rut

It’s easy to get stuck in a comfortable routine when it comes to your training regime. Whether it’s sticking to the same exercises because they’re fun, running the same track because it’s your fave or doing the same Body Attack class each week, the familiar is awesome. However, when we exercise regularly, our body becomes better at adapting. This means we need to increase the volume in our workouts to keep seeing the same results. Are you stuck in an exercise rut? Jazz up your next session with one of our workouts here.

Forgetting to fuel

Consuming an adequate pre-workout meal (preferably one that includes carbohydrates) improves performance and reduces fatigue. If you constantly train on an empty stomach with the idea that you’re burning more fat this way, we have news for you – studies have shown there is no difference in the rate of fat burning between fed and unfed athletes. So there’s no need to skip your eggs on toast before your next workout!

You go in without a plan

We’re all for spontaneity but if you enter the gym or set out for a workout with no plan in mind, chances are your session won’t be as effective as it could be. This doesn’t mean you have to complete every workout with a written plan glued to your hand, but having a rough outline in your mind of what you want to get through will help you stay focused and motivated.

Post-workout feasting

We love a big brekkie after a morning workout, but regularly overeating or treating yourself to an unhealthy meal as a reward for exercising can be counter-productive. Training, especially the cardio-based variety, can leave us feeling more hungry than usual so when you refuel, choose foods that are high in protein to increase satiety. Get a good mixture of fats and complex carbs from wholefood sources in there and you’ve got the perfect post-session meal!