According to Chris Barnes, F45 Athletic Director,  a tough F45 session can teach you a bunch of lessons that can transfer into the rest of your life. “Our workouts are designed to get you in, get sweaty and get out in minimal time with maximum effect, so you can enjoy life,” says Barnes. “Our motto, ‘Team training – life changing’ reflects everything we do in life. From working with groups of people in our busy workplaces to moving with the times and modern technologies to improve our quality of life.” And here’s what else you’ll score (on top of those #abgoals)…

Lesson #1: equality

We’re all created equal. Our classes are designed for everyone to enjoy. An athlete can train alongside a first-timer doing the same exercise and both receive a highly motivating and effective workout.

Lesson#2: efficiency

A 45min workout is 3.1 per cent of your day. This means the remaining 96.9 per cent of your day can be spent on other quality important things that matter to you.

Lesson #3: freedom

Functional training mimics daily movements. Being ‘functionally fitter’, means you can get through life easier.

Lesson #4: longevity

We teach you movement skills that will remain with you forever – not only do we want you to move, we want you to move safely and avoid injury at all costs.

Lesson #5: accountability

Understanding data with regards to your body composition, heart rate and our revolutionary nutritional portal points system will guide you through the correct procedures to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Guessing is not an option with us. These systems will keep you honest as you are forced to be accountable to yourself, however, more importantly, these systems will help you achieve the results you desire

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