WF’s digital editor, Bec, spent the week in London gym-hopping and experiencing the newest fitness-offerings. Thirdspace in Soho took the cake for being the most luxurious fitness space so far. 

Doing your hair and makeup in front of a Hollywood-style mirror in a spotless change room after a sweaty gym sesh makes you feel like a queen. Trust me, I speak from firsthand experience.


After training at Thirdspace’s Soho digs I was left seriously wondering if I could ever be satisfied training in a “normal” gym again. Not only does this exclusive space boast an indoor rock-climbing wall, reformer Pilates studio and a hypoxic workout room (spinning at high altitude isn’t easy) but the pimped out gym features a glass floor that looks down over the heated, 25 metre indoor pool. If you’ve always wanted to do a PT session on a glass floor (duh, who hasn’t?) then Thirdspace has you covered.

Photo 17-05-2016, 1 09 25 AM

And for those who are picky about the temps of their workout refreshment, Thirdspace has considered you selective fitness lovers too. You can fill you bottle with either ‘ambient’ or ‘chilled’ water, depending on your mood that day.


Set out over five split floors (all intricately connected with Harry Potter-like stairs) this gym really has it all. The ground floor has an open reception area, not unlike a ritzy hotel complete with a healthy cafe. Below that Thirdspace’s carbon-filtered indoor pool is enclosed with glass around its sides and above it. On level one you’ll find a boxing ring tucked away in the corner of the weights floor. Bodybuilders and gym-junkies alike are well catered for with a mix of free weights, racks and machines. Above the weights floor you’ve got a functional area complete with kettlebells, sled track and bosu balls. Next comes the cardio equipment (dread) split up by fitness studios, the hypoxic room and a separate, ample space to stretch, roll out and relax.

Photo 17-05-2016, 1 11 27 AM

It’s rumoured that multiple celebs are members here (including Prince Harry) and this luxe space is certainly fitting for an A-Lister and entourage.

After my session I passed by the cafe where they sell fresh takeaway food for a quick cite to refuel you or sustain you later in the day. There’s berry pancakes with compote, salmon bowls, homemade protein bars and salads. I opted for the veggie bolognese and wasn’t disappointed.


If you’re in London and you want to go to a gym that will make you feel like you’re royalty in a space with energy crystals embedded in the walls, then Thirdspace is the place to go.

Thirdspace Soho is located at 67 Brewer St, London W1F