You’ve probs got that one friend who only eats organic food and says that it’s changed her life. But what even does ‘organic’ mean? We got Monique Cashion, Woolworths Senior Nutritionist, to help clear things up.

What is ‘organic’ food?
“‘Certified organic’ means the product you’re consuming is made entirely using organic ingredients and processes, without genetic modification or unsustainable farming practices. In order to receive Organic Certification, growers must run their business according to strict standards, so as a consumer, when you buy organic you know you’re eating the best possible form of produce you can.”

Why are all-organic diets becoming so popular?
“It’s never been easier to include organic food in your weekly shop. There are now several organic suppliers for every type of product you might currently consume. For example, at Woolworths, items from its Macro Organic range, such as canned legumes, pasta, pasta sauce, honey and long-life milk cost little more than their non-organic counterparts.”


Woolworths Macro Organic range

Are there any health benefits?
“Organic food doesn’t necessarily hold additional benefits in terms of more vitamins and minerals compared with conventionally grown food. However, people are choosing organic food as it gives them peace of mind that they are reducing their exposure to pesticides and synthetic chemicals, something that might be particularly reassuring when shopping for pregnant and breastfeeding women, children and the elderly.”

What organic products are good introductions into people’s diets?
When choosing organic, it’s important to start with products that are healthier for you. For example:

  • Fill up on fruit and vegetables
  • Mix up your protein and add tofu to your stir fry
  • Tahini and 100% nut butters are incredibly versatile so great to have in the cupboard
  • Add whole grains to salads (like couscous and quinoa)
  • For healthier snacking, try a handful of nuts, seeds and dried fruits
  • Dairy, soy and almond milk help to hydrate
  • Oats and muesli keep you full and satisfied
  • Eat lean meat for zinc and iron

The Macro Organic range is available exclusively at Woolworths Supermarkets nationwide and across September, customers can find a number of items from the range on special offer.