So you had a bit of a boozy weekend. Before you go feeling guilty for your liver (and guilty for your head because of that pounding hangover), new research suggests that the negative effects of an alcohol binge (like an increased risk of cancer and other illnesses) can be sorta redeemed by exercise.

The University of Sydney, University College London and the University of Montreal teamed up for a collaborative research project and found that exercising at a basic level – at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity every week – could help stave off the bad bits of drinking.


Published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, 36,000 adults were studied over eight years, with scientists looking at the impact exercise has on alcohol abuse and health outcomes.

Basically, physically inactive people were found to have a higher risk of cancer even at low levels of drinking.


“Our research suggests that physical activity has substantial health benefits even in the presence of potentially unhealthy behaviours such as drinking alcohol,” says senior author Associate Professor Emmanuel Stamatakis, from the Charles Perkins Centre and Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Sydney, reports Gizmodo.

So if you’re going to go out this weekend, make sure you get in plenty of exercise – even if it’s brisk walking to the nearest pub.