If you’re guilty of skipping the warm down after a long run then this is the sequence for you. Releasing tight hips, gluteals, hamstrings and quads while encouraging relaxation and a connection to your breathing, this is the perfect warm down for your mind and body.

Half crescent lunge – This is the first stretch that releases the hip flexors and the quads, spots that are tight on almost every runner. The hip flexors in particular can become very tight from the repetitive movement of running. This pose can feel particularly intense if your hips are tight, so reduce the amount of back bend and don’t push to discomfort.

Half splits (otherwise known as the runner’s lunge) – This is a deep hamstring stretch and helps to release the tendons at the back of our knees. Push back into this pose until you feel a stretch, hold and then try to get a little deeper.

Revolved lunge – This pose combines strength, stamina and balance. Stretching through the hip and middle back, touch the finger tips to the ground. Hold here for a while if you feel a lot of tension through the hip.

Downward dog – Regarded as a resting pose, downward dog is a complete stretch and release for the posterior chain. Peddling with your feet and shifting your weight around can help to release hamstrings and calves.

Cow face pose  – The cross legged pose is great for the IT bands and gives a little extra love to your hips. Tight IT bands can cause knee and shin problems if you don’t give them a rest.  Leaning forward deepens this pose but if you’re not quite there yet, stay upright.