Planning on getting a hefty dose of vitamin sea this summer? Arm yourself with these beach hacks for your best day on the sand yet.

Protection mode
Instead of getting a super sandy phone, put it in a little zip-lock bag.

Sand-free snacking
1. Portion your snacks into single-serve zip-lock bags or small plastic containers.
2. Double-wrap everything. Try wrapping your lunch in foil then placing it in a paper sandwich bag.
3. Choose beach-friendly foods. Go for whole fruit over fruit salad, and try wraps instead of sandwiches (avoid soggy fillings such as tomato!). Chopped raw veggies and homemade bliss balls also make for excellent sand-evading snacks.

Soothe the burn
Before you hit the sand, fill an ice cube tray with aloe vera gel and place it in the freezer. By the time you’re home from the beach and looking a little red, you’ll have frozen cubes ready for skin soothing.

Stash your cash
Keep your money in an empty lipstick, Vaseline or sunscreen container. Give it a good wash beforehand and you’ve got yourself an inconspicuous looking purse.

Master the umbrella
1. Make sure your beach brolly is well weighted.
2. Dig a hole at least 50cm deep and place your umbrella in there, twisting it down into the sand (not rocking it side to side). Angle it slightly towards the direction of the wind.
3. Place some wet sand in the bottom of the hole. Top it up with dry sand and once the hole is filled, give yourself a little extra security by building a mound of sand up around the base.

Upgrade your towel
Invest in a round towel. It’s oversized, meaning you can lay down and can fit your belongings onto it. Plus, you don’t have to keep re-positioning a round towel once laid out flat as it won’t shift when you move, meaning less chance of sand ending up all over it (and you).

Have your own back
To really outsmart sunburn, make friends with the Cancer Council’s SunSmart App (free, It’ll tell you when the UV levels are high and you can set up alerts to remind you to reapply your sunscreen.

Hot foot shuffle

If you’ve ever left a pair of thongs in the sun, you’ll be familiar with the sensation of burning soles. Try this: when you slip off your thongs, rest them face down.

Soft finish
Feet covered in sand? Forget working on them for hours with a towel and dust your legs and feet with baby powder instead. Rub gently with a towel and the sand will fall right off.

Wheel saver
After you’ve parked, turn your steering wheel around so it’s upside down. When you get back in to drive home, your hands won’t burn on the wheel.

Words by Rebecca Chambers