Sometimes your workday is super-productive and you skip out the door
at 5.30pm convinced you have the best colleagues ever. Other times it’s a bundle of stress and you can’t find five minutes to leave your desk for a cuppa. On those days, we reckon you should try these science-approved, desk-friendly stress busters to keep your cortisol levels down and job satisfaction high…

Squeeze a stress ball
Clenching your fist around one of these squishy balls can help release tension, regulate your breathing and divert focus away from the source of your stress.

Check out a loved one
Well, a picture of someone you care about will do. US researchers have found that thinking about a loved one can help reduce pain and boost mental health.

Put on your headphones
Press play on some chilled out tunes
 – scientists reckon “Weightless” by British band Marconi Union takes out top honours as the most relaxing song ever. Plus, it’s proven to reduce anxiety. Listen to it here.

This story appeared in the January issue of Women’s Fitness.

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