If the thought of holding another plank makes you feel a mixture of dread and boredom, it’s time to mix up your core routine.

Plank jacks

The key to getting the most out of this move is keeping your bottom down and your core turned on by crunching it in throughout the movement. Start with small jumps in and out, focusing on keeping a flat back as your feet move. As you feel more confident, jump out wider but always keep your shoulders right over your hands.

Go for 15 reps.

Lying scissor kicks

With your back flat on the floor lift both legs to hover around 30cm above the ground. As you move each foot from side to side make sure your back isn’t arching off the ground. Keeping your arms out flat on the floor beside you will help you stabilise your core.

Go for 20 reps.

Elevated marching plank

Before you move your feet, set up your plank so that your shoulders track over your hands. Draw in your abs and lift one foot at a time. Keep your neck and head neutral as you step one foot and the other.

Go for 10 reps.

Lying railway tracks

Lying on a mat with a neutral spine lift your legs off the ground, keeping your back flat as you do so. As your right foot raises (about 30 cm) your left leg lowers, alternate sides and you’ve got one rep.

Go for 12 reps.

For a serious core challenge complete these exercises in a circuit. Beginners go for 3 rounds, if you’re up for a challenge go for 4 or 5 rounds. Finish with a generous hold of upward dog to stretch out that core when you’re done!

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