Apparently there’s a lot of things we Aussies we’re mispronouncing. You can blame it on our accents or lack of knowledge when it comes to the French language, but either way, we’re here to correct it! Learn these pronunciations and you can sound fancy as hell wherever you go.

Acai ah-sigh-ee

Agave ah-GAH-vay

Aioli ay-OH-lee

Arancini are-ahn-chee-nee

Beignet – ben-yay

Brushchetta – broo-SKEH-tah

Caramel – KEHR-ah-mehl and KAR-ah-mel

Chipotle – chih-POHT-lay

Ciabatta – cha-bada

Croissant – KWAH-sawn

Gnocchi – NYAW-kee

Hummus – hoom-us

Moët Chandon – mwett eh SHA-doh

Niçoise – nee-swaahz

Pho – fuh

Quinoa – KEEN-wah

Worcestershire sauce – woos-tuhr-shuhr