Drinking an extra two cups of coffee a day could drastically reduce liver damage caused by excessive alcohol consumption, according to new findings.

Researchers from Southampton University in the UK analysed data from nine previous studies to find the link between coffee consumption and reduced risk of liver cirrhosis. The findings showed that those who drank coffee (two extra cups, to be exact) reduced their risk of liver disease by 44%. In fact, as the coffee consumption increased, to four or five cups, the risk of liver disease continued to reduce.

While the study concluded that increasing coffee consumption could significantly reduce your risk of cirrhosis, simply consuming coffee won’t cancel out poor lifestyle choices or the effects of drinking too much alcohol longterm. We should still be endeavouring to make good choices and minimise alcohol consumption to one to two standard drinks a day (or none!)

The studies analysed totalled over 430 000 participants, 1 990 of which had been diagnosed with cirrhosis. The research found that coffee could reverse some of the damage caused by alcohol consumption as well as reduce the risk of developing cirrhosis.