Summer is all about lazy beach days with ice blocks, and arvo drinks with friends and a bottle champers. Combine those two and what do you have? Champagne ice blocks. Yep, they actually exist and they’re coming to Australia this December.

They’re called POPS and they’re apparently massive in the UK. How did we not know about this gift from the gods?


Dubbed the “world’s first champagne ice popsicle”, it looks like a Calippo but with half a glass of champagne or Prosecco. Oh and they’re all made with fresh fruit!

For their launch here in OZ, they’re bringing four flavours – Classic Champagne POP and Bellini Prosecco & Peach (which has Peach Schnapps, blood orange juice and hibiscus flowers).


There’s also two non-boozy options for the kiddies, like Strawberry & Mint and Apple & Elderflower.

The delish POPS will be popping up in Melbourne and Sydney, with the hope to make it Australia-wide next summer.

We. Are. KEEN.