They say a rose by any other name would smell as sweet but these exercises are more difficult than they sound. Despite the cute and innocent sounding names of these moves, they pack a serious punch (and they’re seriously effective) don’t be fooled!


Like a little frog with really strong glutes, this move has you going from plank to deep squat back to plank.

Hold a high plank and pull forward onto your toes before bending your knees and jumping your feet outside of your hands. As you land keep your chest proud before jumping back into plank. Start slow until you get the hang of it.

Bear walks

You may be imagining a Winnie the Pooh style stroll but we can assure you that this weight bearing exercise is a serious challenge. Moving your right arm and leg and your left arm and leg at the same time, walk forward. The aim is to keep the weight evenly distributed between your hands and legs as you move forward. You can make this move a little easier by moving your opposite arm and leg until you get the hang of it.

We like to do 20 walking steps of this move with 20 jump squats.


Don’t be fooled. This move challenges your hamstring flexibility while you support your body weight on your hands. Walk all the way out into a high plank before stepping your hands back to standing. Make this one more difficult by holding 4-8kg dumbbells in your hands.


Let’s face it, before we had done a v-up we assumed it was going to be a fun cheer leading move. Alas, it is a core burner that hits your lower abs hard. Really hard.

Keep a neutral spine and don’t crane your neck up while doing this move. Look to the sky or ceiling and ensure it’s your core pulling you up rather than your neck. Tap your feet gently on the ground between each rep and try to get your upper body a little higher and closer to your legs on each crunch.

Donkey kicks

This exercise is great to get those glutes firing. Keep your core switched on by scooping your abs in throughout this move, then do like a donkey and with a bent knee kick upwards. Think about pushing your heel to the sky rather than pointing your toe.

Claire Campbell is a personal trainer based at Fitness First in St Leonards. Offering both in the gym and outdoor training, Claire specialises in training men and women to feel stronger, happier and to fall in love with movement. Follow her on Instagram for weekly workouts and motivation