No, no, we get it, you don’t need any more reasons to love lululemon but we wanted to let you in on a lovely little find. This month they’ve released a beautiful series of meditations to help you unwind with the power of your breath.

Meditation and mindfulness can sound off putting to the uninitiated, but in truth, you don’t need to be intimidated. Your practise can be as short as ten minutes and you can even sneak it in on your commute to work.

You won’t regret taking some time to bring your headspace into the present. You’ll be rewarded with an energy boost and a clear mind without darting off to every bright shiny distraction. So, go on, carve a moment out of that crazy schedule of yours, or heck, book a meeting request with yourself.

You can lay in a park, under your desk or on the weights room floor if you must. Plug your ear buds in, sit yourself down and take a moment to breathe. This is a crazy time of year, and we could all benefit from a quiet moment to ourselves.

You will love Xavier Rudd’s oh-so-soothing and earthy tones complimented by the rumble of the digeridoo and Southern Sudanese peace ambassador, Emmanuel Jal’s real-talk about peace.

Your weekly commute listening is covered.