You know what they say: Real beauty comes from the inside. Well, that’s certainly true for what you eat! Add the right foods to your shopping trolley and get your fill of these skin-loving nutrients.

B vitamins
These help metabolise proteins and fats, and are essential for cell renewal and supple skin.
Eat it: To make sure you’re getting all of your vitamin Bs, chow down on green leafy veg, such as kale and spinach, as well as avocado, eggs, fish and dairy.

Vitamin C
An antioxidant used by your body for tissue repair and skin-firming collagen formation.
Eat it: Kale boosts 41mg of vitamin C per 100g. To retain as much as possible, lightly sauté in hot oil, then add a cup of water and steam for 10 seconds.

Live bacteria that help keep your digestive system and skin in good nick.
Eat it: Sourdough bread and fermented foods such as kefir, miso, yoghurt and sauerkraut are packed with gut-friendly bacteria.

Proven to help reduce the body’s production of inflammatory compounds and keep skin flexible.
Eat it: Linseeds, beef and walnuts. Try for two servings a week of oily fish such as salmon, sardines or anchovies, too.

Vitamin E
An essential antioxidant and fighter of harmful free radicals.
Eat it: Sunflower seeds, almonds and spinach. Soak nuts overnight to reduce the phytic acid (which can be a gut irritant) and activate the nutrient-packed enzymes.

This story originally appeared in our August issue.