Wanna see a behind-the-scenes look at our December issue photoshoot? Teaming up with Billabong (AKA the gods of swimwear), we couldn’t think of a better spot to bring those summer vibes than with the beautiful sun, sand and sea of The Pass in blissful Byron Bay.

STEP 1: Snag an awesome model
Elyse Knowles (you might know her on Insta as @elyseknowlzy) is one of the most active models we’ve ever met – not only does she wakeboard, surf, ski and skateboard but she’s also the proud owner of a motorbike. Plus, she’s totally #owning this Billabong bikini.


STEP 2: Head to the ultimate surf spot
Hello, Byron Bay! Sitting pretty up on the NSW north coast is one of the most iconic surf beaches in the country. Perfect for a WF cover and fashion shoot… or an Insta pic.


STEP 3: Get very comfy on that beach
Location shoots are not only tricky because of the external stuff we can’t control (that’s you, wind!) but it can also mean a makeshift make-up chair on the sand.


STEP 4: Rock a holiday vibe
Hey Elyse, show us your best I’m-totally-on-vacay-right-now pose…


STEP 5: Take selfies between takes
Editor Samera and Art Director Brooke have a cover shoot selfie tradition. It will not be broken on this set.


STEP 6: Get in touch with nature
Because why wouldn’t you find some leaves to hide in for your next shot? Earthing, you guys.


STEP 7: Forget used surfboards
This hot-as board was delivered to us from Dead Kooks the day of the shoot. Fresh out of the plastic!


STEP 8: Don’t forget a hat
It was a beaut day. But having that sun shining down on you for hours on end spells no-good for your skin. Fashion editor Jess’ wide-brimmed hat is always on point.


STEP 9: Assess… and reassess
It’s Editor Samera’s job to keep an eye on the photographer’s screen and make sure the vision is coming to (real) life. Yep, it’s looking pretty good…


 STEP 10: Keep shooting until there’s no light left
Sunset… is there a more awesome thing to lay your eyes on at the beach? We wrapped up this shoot with some amaze pre-sunset shots. Then it was time for another kind of shots at the wrap party…


Pick up the December issue, on sale now, to check out the finished shots!

If you wanna rock one of the bikinis Elyse is wearing in these pics, head to Billabong swimwear.