If the idea of going to the gym before work makes you break out in a nervous sweat, then scheduling a morning session is a big ask. Early mornings might sound rough but getting those endorphins pumping to start your day is a great way to feel more energised, more positive and also means there’s less chance of us pulling the “can’t be bothered card” after a long day at work.

There’s a reason why people like to exercise first thing in the morning, all you need to do is give it a try, we promise. We’ve got some tips from the experts to help you become an early riser.

Ben Lucas

Phone a friend

Sleeping through your alarm isn’t easy when you’ve got a friend or group of people relying on you to turn up to a session. Ben Lucas, owner of Flow Athletic, says “Exercise with a friend, you’re less likely to cancel or better yet, join a run club or see a personal trainer in the morning, that way you’ve got somewhere to be and people waiting for you to arrive.”

Alicia Beveridge

Avoid the snooze button

BUF head trainer, Alicia Beveridge knows the snooze button temptation all too well. “Move your alarm clock away from your bedside so it can’t be turned off with a lazy, sleepy hand. Better yet, put it on top of your gym outfit!” She says. Telling yourself “just a little longer” is a sure-fire way to fall asleep and miss your workout.

Nick Cheadle

Get snacking

Some amazing humans can go full throttle in the morning sans breaky but for the rest of us, an early workout on an empty tum spells trouble. Personal trainer, Nick Cheadle suggests a small (but delicious) snack before getting active. “Smear some peanut butter on half a banana or chow down on a piece of toast with jam before you get your sweat on. The carbs will ensure you can sustain your workout intensity for longer,” says Cheadle.


Be prepared

PT and F45 trainer, Victoria Burdon tells us it’s all about the preparation. “Get your workout plan and your gear ready to go the night before! If you have extra work to do in the early morning before the workout even begins you are more likely to not workout as hard or at all,” she explains. “Set out your clothes, prepare your gym bag, and plan your training session before you go to bed,” she says. Make sure your outfit is on point too, a good outfit makes all the difference.

Get enough sleep

This one’s from the WF team (many of whom are proud members of the AM exercise crew). You’re going to make your early run or weights sesh a whole lot harder by not getting enough rest the night before. Skip your afternoon coffee the day before, limit your screen use after 7pm, read a book and down a cup of caffeine-free chamomile tea before bed time and wake up ready to do your best Usain Bolt impression.

Dylan Rivier

Remember the benefits

“Sometimes the sound of my alarm going off is almost painful – especially if I was in a particularly deep sleep,” PT, Dylan Rivier understands the struggle. “I’ve been waking up at the crack of dawn for such a long time now that people often assume I simply spring out of bed ready to go,” he says. “Remember that there is NOTHING BETTER than the feeling of accomplishment after training first thing in the morning. No matter how tired I am in the morning or how much I think ‘all I want to do is go back to bed’, as soon as I’m done, sleep is the last thing on my mind and I’m feeling energised, happy and ready to take on the rest of the day.” The man makes a convincing argument.