Want to try the next Zumba craze? Here’s what WF reader ambassador Bec Tippett has to say about it…

Picture a preying mantis dancing. That is what I associate myself with when I step on to any dancefloor. Unfortunately, I inherited the same dance moves and style as my dad, so when I found out about the Zumba epidemic, I was not too keen about jumping on board. Thanks to pre-judgement, I had never actually given it a try and had very little knowledge about it.

I finally decided to try a new version of it, Strong by Zumba, at Crunch Fitness in the Sydney CBD. As I walked in to the factory room that resembled a dance-off scene off the movie Step Up, I was relieved that I nailed the outfit with a fluoro green loose top and striped tights. As the class started I appreciated that I was not the only beginner in the class. Very quickly I found out that it is a combination of high intensity and interval training workout that is music-led. So in fact, the dancing component was such an insignificant part of it and instead it was about concentration, coordination and movement.

I made a couple of mistakes that quickly became evident that I was out of tune and behind the rest of the group but that is what is so great about this class – that anything goes. As I looked around the room, the class had a mixture of ages, levels of talent and fitness abilities. It operates on a timeline of increasing difficulty, sets and a combination of techniques. But (fear not) I was guided through each and every move from the instructor and from the absolute pro in front of me.

I was surprised when I was told to grab a mat for the last bit of the class for some core work and stretching/cool down. Every muscle in my body was officially accounted for. I left a sweaty mess and in an upbeat mood ready for the rest of my Friday night. I don’t know whether it was the atmosphere, the fact I thought I conquered my coordination or the endorphins pumping, but maybe next time I should’ot diss something before I try. Strong by Zumba, I will be back!