Nope, you’re not imagining it, the first night in a strange hotel room is literally the worst. Well, the room service is pretty sweet, but scoring some quality sleep is basically impossible. Why? US researchers reckon it’s because your brain is sleeping with one eye open.


Yep, while the right side of your noggin is deep-sleep mode, the left hemisphere is alert, sussing out unfamiliar environment and waiting for something to happen. The effect usually wears off by the second night, but if you’ve got an early start tomorrow, try these hacks for a quality snooze while you’re out of town.

Cool it
In order to nod off, your body temperature needs to lower, so set the hotel room aircon to a cool 18-20 degrees for optimum shut-eye.

Get comfy
Bring your favourite pillow or throw rug from home to make your new surroundings feel familiar.

Chill out
If you’re feeling antsy, try spritzing a calming lavender or rose spray on your bed sheets to settle your thoughts.

This story originally appeared in our August issue

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