It’s a known fact that activewear is ridiculously comfy and therefore makes us want to live in it forever.

We’re all guilty of keeping it on for coffee dates with the girls… or just sitting on the lounge at home eating pizza. #sorrynotsorry

As it turns out, that there’s A LOT of Aussies doing the same thing.


The average Aussie spends $1406 every year on wellness – but that’s money on clothes, not activities.

According to a recent ING Direct report, three in five people spend big on the hottest get-ups but only one in five hold a gym membership…

Yep, that means we look good but we’re not actually breaking a sweat. But hey, can you blame us for wanting to look super stylin’ while working out?


“While it’s positive to see Australians are being proactive when it comes to focusing on their health and wellness, it’s important to factor these costs into your weekly or monthly budget, just like you would with household bills like rent, groceries or electricity bills,” says John Arnott, Exec Director at ING.

 “Gym memberships, health foods, fitness equipment and workout apparel can all add up and it pays to keep your eye on these costs to ensure you’re not tipping the scales financially.”

Well, if you need us we’ll be hitting up Woolies in our new Lululemon tights.