If you usually lean towards something sweet for breakfast, you’ll be stoked to hear this news.

Liz Moskow, food expert and culinary director at Sterling-Rice Group, recently spoke to Food Business News and said we’re likely to start seeing a new food trend of eating chocolate for breakfast.


There have been several studies that prove dark chocolate has health benefits (like boosting brain power and improving cognitive function) and may even help you lose weight. Now researchers at Tel Aviv University have found that the best time to eat dessert is in the morning, AKA the most active time for your metabolism.

Combine the chocolate with protein and good carbs for breakfast and you’re less likely to reach for those sweet snacks by mid-afternoon.

In a new study, 193 obese adults were split into two groups, with half eating a brekkie of 300 calories and the other eating a brekkie of 600 calories – including chocolate cake.

The second group of people lost on average 37 pounds more and had less sugar cravings.

But don’t take this as an excuse to gorge on three chocolate cupcakes for breakfast every day– moderation is key! Stick to small portions of dark chocolate if you feel like a little treat.