Trying to get a workout done in a gym at peak hour can be tough. With these three moves, you’ll only need one piece of equipment, which will save you having to wait at a machine for half an hour between sets. Alternatively get yourself a barbell and do this workout at home or outdoors!

Use a weight between 10kg and 20kg for these exercises.

Keep your weight through your heels as you step into the lunge. Take a stance a little wider than your hips to drop down into a squat, keeping your chest proud. Take this exercise slowly, there’s no need to rush. Ensure you’re keeping good posture throughout.

This multitasking move is great for when you’re in a hurry. Start with the barbell on the floor. Bring it close to your shins before dead lifting it up. Keep your chest up, your core switched on and your spine neutral as you do so. As you put it back on the floor step back into a push up, ensure your chest gently touches the bar.

Is a full chest to bar push up a little too tough? Step back onto your toes, drop to your knees and perform the push up before stepping back up to the bar.

This move is essentially a dead lift, upright row and then an overhead press all in one. It’s important to keep the bar close to your body throughout the exercise. Make sure you get full lock out on the overhead press with soft elbows.

The workout:

Beginners: 10 reps of each exercise. 3 rounds.

Intermediate: 15 reps of each exercise. 4 rounds.

Advanced: 15 reps of each exercise. 5 rounds. Time yourself and see how quickly you can get through the whole workout.