Tired, exhausted and need a fast meal? Slapping together a quick microwave dinner, direct from the freezer in seventy-bazillion layers of plastic? Think again!

Your choices in the kitchen have a massive impact on our environment. Did you know we throw out $8 billion worth of edible food every year? Every choice that you make in your home has the power to change the course for future generations. Eating according to the seasons and only buying sustainably farmed produce is a great way to start, but what about all that plastic packaging we use to store our foods?

We asked Rebecca Searles from Family Garden Life and Nicole Boothby from Throw Some Seeds their top tips to minimise plastic in our kitchens, and do you know what? There are some really simple some things you can implement to make a difference.

Try a couple of these ideas:

  • Choose stainless steel or glass water bottles instead of plastic.
  • When you shopping, use reusable bags and produce bags instead of plastic bags.
  • Shop in bulk because you’ll: Save money, save petrol / packaging and you can even bring your own jars to some outlets like The Source Bulkfoods.

  • Swap to a reusable kitchen wipe in a bamboo or hemp material, instead of throwing out your dishcloths regularly.