Joining a gym can be super overwhelming. Between the cost, the equipment, the fine print and the location, it can sometimes be hard to determine what will be the best fit for you in the long run. So, we put together this list of questions that you should be asking yourself (or a membership consultant) before signing on the dotted line.

Is there a free trial?

It’s always ideal to try before you buy so if your potential gym offers a trial period, get on it! When it’s over, ask yourself questions like whether you liked the vibe of the gym, if the trainers were knowledgeable and if the equipment is clean and looked after. Goodlife Health Clubs offer a free five-day pass.

Is the membership flexible or on a fixed contract?

Month-to-month memberships are slightly more exxy, but you don’t want to commit to a one- or two-year contract if you decide later that the gym isn’t right for you. You should also find out if there are any special membership or personal training deals coming up that you can wait for.

What are the facilities like?

Sure, it may look amazing in the lobby, but you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the facility before joining. Make sure you go on a tour with one of the representatives to see what amenities are on offer.

Is it busy?

When you take your tour, try to go at a time that you would normally head there for a workout. Suss out if there are free machines, space to do floor work, and if there’s the right equipment that you would use. If the place is packed, you might have to change up your gym time or look for something more low-key.

Is it convenient for you to get to?

Even if you think the gym looks like the inside of the Taj Mahal, if it’s far out of the way for you to get to, you might want to reconsider. You may go there for the first couple of weeks but your motivation could slip and you’ll find yourself paying for a membership you use once every two weeks.

Is there a complimentary PT sesh?

Some gyms offer a complimentary PT sesh or meet-and-greet to talk through your goals and show you how to use some machines. If you’re keen to hire a PT for a few sessions to get on track with a fitness program, check the trainer rates first.

What’s the class schedule like?

If you’re a group fitness class lover, take a peek at the schedule before committing to anything. Look at whether the classes are at good times for you, if there’s variety and if they’re interesting and fun.

Will you be getting ready in the change rooms?

If you like to head straight to work after your morning workout or exercise during your lunch break, you’ll want the change rooms to be A+. Are there hair dryers/straighteners, shampoo and conditioner, plenty of showers and counter space to put on your make-up?