These after-dinner sweets will satisfy those cravings but won’t leave you with a sugar rush.

Choc chip cookies


Just the word ‘cookies’ is enough for us but this recipe has a healthy twist. It’s gluten and dairy free, and is packed with good stuff, like oats, nut butter, cinnamon and dark chocolate. YUM.

Go Natural Raw Cacao Fruit Nut Bar – Raspberry with Activated Almonds 40g


This raw snack bar combines natural raspberry juice with unrefined cacao, dates and Australian activated almonds. It’s vegan-friendly, has no refined sugar and packs a fibre punch! Get it for $1.89 at leading supermarkets and convenience stores.

Red velvet pancakes


This cake-inspired dessert isn’t sugar-laden like the original. Instead, the recipe is sweetened with beetroot and honey. And they taste like the real deal!

Chocolate rosewater fudge balls


Despite the words ‘chocolate’ and ‘fudge’, this recipe is actually good for you! They’re vegan-friendly and refined sugar free, making it the perfect treat.

Go Natural Almond Cranberry & Pepita 40g


Almonds, cashews, brazil nuts and seeds combined with delicious cranberries and honey makes up this yummy snack! It has vitamin E, selenium and magnesium, zinc, iron, phosphorous, vitamin B3, fibre and protein, and no bad bits. Get it for $1.89 at leading supermarkets and convenience stores.

Baked fruit
If you want a warm dessert, pop some berries, pears or apples in the microwave or oven and sprinkle a little bit of maple syrup and cinnamon on top. Once it’s done, you can add granola or nuts as ‘crust’. Delicious!

Go Natural Nut Delight Original 40g


Peanuts, almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts and delicious honey are all combined in this yummy bar that has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Plus, it’s a good source of Vitamin E, Selenium, Vitamin B3, protein and fibre. Get it for $1.89 at leading supermarkets and convenience stores.

Fruit and almond butter
Try some sliced pear with 1tbsp helping of almond butter.