While we won’t deny there are some seriously good beauty products on the market, curing a few very common beauty ailments can be as easy as opening your pantry. With a few little-known beauty tricks, you can get savvy using things you already have hiding in the kitchen or your makeup bag to get yourself looking a million bucks, without the price tag.

Get glowing skin

Dull, dry skin comes with the territory in winter, but the answer to your beauty prayers could be sitting in your fruit bowl. “To hydrate dry skin, take half a papaya and blend. Apply to freshly washed skin and leave it for 10 minutes before washing off,” says skincare expert Malvina Fraser. Why papaya? Well, this little exotic fruit contains the enzyme papain, which breaks down proteins and helps slough away dead skin cells while simultaneously hydrating the skin.

Look wide-awake

Stretch out the lifespan of your magic wand with a couple of eye drops. “A little insider tip is to mix them into your mascara and then swirl the wand around a little before applying,” says makeup artist Stephanie G-M.

Banish eye bags

Are your dark circles getting you down? Those late nights can play havoc with a fresh-faced look. But don’t fret– there’s an easy peasy way to brighten up your eyes. “Place two teabags into the fridge and let them cool down for a couple of minutes. Once cooled, place them on your eyes and leave them for five minutes. The caffeine can help shrink blood vessels around the eyes, which helps to brighten the under-eye area,” explains Malvina.

Go understated

For a fresh-faced look, ditch powder and replace with water. “If you need a little makeup freshener, rather than touching up with powder, which builds up, carry a small water mist with you and lightly spritz over the face. It will instantly revive tired make-up,” says Paul Herrington, leading celebrity make-up and beauty expert.

Scrub up

A trip to the spa will work wonders when it comes to tightening pores. But if you’re looking for a simple, inexpensive route to smoother skin, lemon and sugar are the perfect pair. “Cut open half a lemon and sprinkle a small amount of sugar on top. Rub the lemon straight onto clean skin for an instant tightening effect. It also doubles as a toner,” says Malvina.

Cure chapped lips

Chilly weather and chapped lips often go hand in hand, but there’s a simple way to stop your lips from cracking up. “Exfoliation is essential in winter. Slather a ton of lip balm on before jumping into the shower. Then, when you get out of the shower, give your lips a gentle scrub with a wash cloth and your lips will be super smooth,” says Stephanie.

Get show-stopping lips

There’s a simple way to avoid lippy on your teeth. “After application, pop your finger into your mouth and close your lips around your finger then slowly pull out to remove all the lipstick that might end up on your teeth,” says Paul.

Create flawless coverage

If tinted moisturiser doesn’t provide enough coverage, but your foundation is too heavy, we hear you! “Simply mix some of your moisturiser and some of your foundation together on the back of your hand and apply,” says Stephanie. The combination of the two offers perfect coverage while hydrating skin at the same time.