Got a trip to the Big Apple planned? Lucky you! If you fancy getting fit NYC-style while you’re there, we’ve got these hot tips from Ben Lucas, co-owner and director of Sydney’s Flow Athletic:

The Dogpound

This personal training studio located on NYC’s West Side is famous for being a training ground for Victoria’s Secret angels. Owner Kirk Myers hails from Kansas City and famously overhauled his dangerously unhealthy lifestyle by focusing on fitness, healthy nutrition and mindfulness, losing 125 pounds in the process. The Dogpound is laser-focused on personal training and has 12 high-end and extremely knowledgeable trainers on their books. Workouts are a combination of resistance training, boxing and HIIT using sleds, plyometrics, ski ergs and much more. I had a one-on-one session with man mountain and ex-model Walter Savage. My session focused on arms, abs and cardio and saw me having a cheeky spew at the end!

Mile High Run Club

Treadmills are no longer the domain of solo exercisers at Mile High Run Club in Nomad, which is famous for their group fitness class on the treadmill. Created for seasoned runners and newbies alike, the classes are designed to perfect your running skills and test your endurance. I found I pushed myself harder than what I would have if I was running solo at the gym. They also offer 12- and 16-week marathon and half-marathon training that takes place on the streets of New York City.

Peloton Cycle

Peloton is highly regarded as the most state-of-the-art cycle studio in the world. From the studio they stream their gruelling spin classes for people across the globe to join in at home. I attended a 6am spin class at the Chelsea studio led by the Vice President of Fitness Programming and Head Instructor, Robin Arzon. It was a full house with 60 bums on bikes, along with thousands of cyclists tuning in to do the class from all around the world. Robin not only led the session; she turned the class into a mesmerising performance which inspired me to push myself harder. Their bikes are top-notch, measuring watts, RPM and resistance. And it’s competitive – you can see how you’re faring against the other riders in the room. This is probably my favourite fitness experience in NYC.

Fhitting Room

Fhitting Room, in the Flatiron District, delivers an excellent quality high-intensity functional strength class. The class comprised of three rounds, starting with a full-body warm-up and then diving into an intense functional circuit. The circuit focused on strength movements using dumbells, kettlebells and barbells along with tough cardio and core moments. The final round is dubbed the ‘Fhit Fix’ which is a 10-minute blast where the instructors try to destroy you! 

BFX Studio

I attended BFX Studio in Chelsea to experience Kira Stokes’ signature ‘Stoked 360’ workout. Described as ‘form meets function meets fun’, the 360 workout is a 75-minute challenging full-body workout incorporating strength, cardio and core work in a creative and dynamic manner. 

Tone House

This was by far the most brutal class on tour. With its indoor astroturf and focus on team fitness, it felt like I was in an NFL pre-season training session. I think I completed more burpees in 60 minutes than I have done in the last 60 months. Coach Keith loomed large over the class and used his army training to embody a drill sergeant barking orders at the group. The class is all about team orientated and competitive drills such as sled pushes and rope climbs, topped off with team chants. Tone House is located in NYCs Nomad district.